About White Plains Comicfest

Embrace Your Inner Geek: White Plains ComicFest – Where Every Fan Finds a Home in Pop Culture’s Unique Haven!”  This unique event reaches out to quiet “geeks”, “nerds”, and young people of pop culture who feel ignored and left out on the fringes of the popular youth groups and are frequently the subject of ridicule and bullying despite being incredibly talented. Our goal is to nurture hidden talents, foster belonging, and cultivate mental well-being in youth.

Join us for the 10th Annual Celebration hosted by the White Plains City Center in collaboration with the City of White Plains Youth Bureau!

About the White Plains Youth Bureau


The White Plains Youth Bureau is a municipal organization whose mission is to provide positive youth development activities during the after-school hours. The White Plains Youth Bureau is the largest youth bureau in the State of New York and offers over 50 programs for youth ages 6 years – 24 years. The majority of the programs are provided free of charge to community residents. The Youth Bureau serves approximately 2,000 youth each day. The White Plains Youth Bureau is the parent organization of the White Plains Cares Coalition and the Coalition for Living Wellness.

About the White Plains Cares Coalition


The White Plains Cares Coalition (WPCC) is a community-based organization that promotes protective factors to support positive youth and community development. The mission of the White Plains Cares Coalition is to identify the impact of individual, peer, family, and community risk factors on youth delinquency and to advocate for and provide timely and effective strategies for mitigating such risks

The White Plains Cares Coalition brings together more than 35 community partners representing each sector – schools, parents, youth, health, government, business, prevention & treatment providers, law enforcement, youth-serving organizations, religious institutions, civic & volunteer groups, and media. Representatives from these sectors meet each month to assess community needs and develop appropriate action plans and strategies to address these needs

Over the years, the White Plains Cares Coalition has been credited with several strategies that have resulted in positive outcomes for young people. Some of these strategies are:

      • “My Brother’s Keeper”, “Step Up for Boys” programs for young men of color
      • Aviation Academy for Youth
      • “The Nest” promotes social & emotional well-being among HS youth groups
      • White Plains Wellness Festival community engagement event promotes 8 dimensions of healthy living 
      • White Plains Social Justice for Youth Program made of the community Youth Court and the RoseBuds Peer Advocacy Program
      • Red Ribbon Week Substance Abuse Prevention Campaign
      • “Talk They Hear You” Underage Drinking & Substance Misuse Positive Parenting  Campaign
      • Community-wide Bullying Prevention Initiative

                and much more…!